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Our Team

Our team
Oscar Olsson
For 28 years Oscar Olsson has been working in the insurance field, 15 of them –as Director General. Moreover, he has a professional degree in the insurance sphere: firstly in the Stockholm University he learnt a theory of risk. Later then he studied actuarial mathematics in Copenhagen. He used to work in leading companies that were involved in classical insurance as well as in life insurance. These companies were both international and Swedish located in Latvia, Poland and Lithuania . For years he has been the chief of Swedish Insurers Association .
Oscar Olsson considers that an insurance company that deals with classical insurance encounters three main challenges:
First – sales: no clients – no company. Second – underwriting: poor underwriting - no company. Third- arrangement of losses: compensation of what the client paid for. The rest endorse these assignments. Life insurance companies follow two major aims - asset and sales product development/management.
Oscar Olsson gives preference to work with a management style in which he is engaged in the procedure of management directly and has an opportunity to give direct commands.
But the most essential goal is to determine such a management style that becomes a main factor in creating a friendly and strong team. It can be possible only when workers understand why and know the purpose of their hard work. Also it is important when particular powers are transferred to them.
In the opinion of Oscar Olsson, he has devoted all his life to insurance business because of its social importance.
He wants to do what is actually crucial. No doubt that insurance business is an important component of society. It is likely to acquire respect from most of the clients, be a flourishing company only if society realizes that its problems are really essential to you.
Morning jogging and loads of cups of coffee is a perfect beginning of Oscar Olsson's day.
Ever since childhood he liked sport: he spent most of the time playing basketball and also he played hockey and football just as all his friends. He also liked to train a team where his three children played: twins, a girl and a boy, of 18 years old and of 20 year old son. When Oscar Olsson was a child he had a desire to become a forester and even now in his age he loves woods and for him hunting or fishing are the best activities in his spare time.
Patryk Wilk
Patryk Wilk is a coordinator and chief of economic service and financial departments in the company.
Which includes: Business Development Department; Salary and Labor Department; Internal Control Office; Accounting and Statistics Department; Corporate Reports Department; Chief Accountant; Actuarial Evaluation Department; Risk Management Department; Control Department and Financial Planning.
Patryk Wilk preferred exact sciences and she was fond of working with figures. That is why she has seen herself in the future only in the sphere of finance.
In 1996 Patryk Wilk discovered the company.
During that time she worked with insurance companies and audit of banks in PricewaterhouseCoopers. At the beginning her responsibilities were to participate in auditing under world standards. She was attracted by the company's attitude to workers and mentality. The next step in her career began in 2004 when Patryk Wilk was offered a post of the deputy by her financial director. Of course, she was happy to take this proposition. And in 2007 Patryk Wilk became a financial director, because the former boss was fired from the company.
She thinks that working for successful western companies raises in employees, first of all, an ability to make decisions, second of all, exact understanding which decisions can be made and which cannot. This trait is observed in only a few companies and due to this, they should be led in a controlling manner for a period of time to achieve maximum progress. According to Patryk Wilk the conversion from strict handling to a purposely egalitarian management of the company is the most difficult period.
Patryk Wilk considers a family to be the most important thing in everybody’s life. So, a family is the priority at work.
Patryk Wilk has a big and nice family: a smart son and a cute daughter and a perfect husband. As her childish passion was horse riding, sometimes she is thinking about restarting this hobby. At least, two hours per week.
Wolfgang Huhn
Wolfgang Huhn was born and raised in a small town of Neustadt. It was situated in the southern Germany. He is responsible for development and control of economic and financial services. He was passionate about mathematics and of course, it influenced his choice in education. He entered the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and in 1995 received a diploma in mathematics. In a year he was employed to Allianz Versicherungs AG. On one side, he was engaged in the field connected with his occupation as a mathematician, while on the other side, he was interested in working for an international successful company.
It was obvious that he would choose Allianz.
First two years he was an insurance agent, who was passing practice at the Allianz Versicherungs AG Bavarian branch in the field of property insurance of industrial enterprises. During 1998 he obtained a place of Allianz AG Deputy Regional Director for markets of Eastern and Central Europe. Later in 2003 in Bratislava he got a membership in the Board of Directors of Allianz Slovenska . At the end of 2004 as Financial Director and the Senior Vice-President of Allianz in Eastern and Central Europe he was working on development of business of the Group in this district. In 2006 in Vienna Wolfgang Huhn obtained a position of Managing Director of the Allianz New Europe Holding .
Wolfgang Huhn received a membership in the Directors' Board in 2007.
In 2011 he began working as Deputy Director General. His job included standardization and improvement of financial business processes, sustainability of the company and guaranty of transparency of activities by developing opportunities of risk management. He has deep knowledge of the market of Eastern and Central Europe that is why he is very confident that his great experience with Allianz could be essential for later development of our company.
Moreover, Wolfgang Huhn has no doubt that the expertise of Allianz in Eastern and Central Europe can boost development in other companies in the insurance field.
He has a son and two daughters and a beautiful wife. He began to spend all his weekends with children, when they were born. Besides he enjoys sports greatly: skating in winter and football in summer. When Wolfgang Huhn was a teenager, he was a semi-professional footballer. Now he is a big fan and supports "Bayern Munich" football club, because he was born and spent his years of youth in South Germany.
Peter Beasley
Peter Beasley is responsible for strategic development of business in the company.
Bank insurance, M&A, marketing and digital, cooperation with lending and financial agencies, the Group products line management, corporate projects management, customer quality control and service.
When Peter Beasley was a little boy he had a great passion for professional swimming.
Thanks to this sport he obtained a gift to attain set goals and developed a strong will.
Peter Beasley started his carrier in sales departments.
He worked as Key Account Manager and then as the Head of the Sales Department of the representative office of Webasto, later on he was a Sales Director TNT Express Worldwide CIS in our Company. Ever since 2007 this man has been dedicating himself to our company. In November 2009 he became a Deputy Director General, leader of the sector of the market management.